assist the needy


We offer welfare support (financial donation, food, clothing, toiletries, rehabilitation sponsorship) through established charities that support the homeless

We channel our assistance through mainstream charities like St Mungos – No Second Night Out, Church Army – Marylebone project … that run refuge and residential dwelling’s for the homeless and aim to provide support for families in distress …


We have so far donated 75 welcome rucksacks stocked with personal care items to help Marylebone project onboard new homeless residents (Marylebone project is a residential hostel for homeless women)


The heart of Christ is to proclaim the Good news to the poor (Luke4:18), and he urges us in Luke14:12-14 to remember the poor and destitute when we host a banquet …

Based on the teaching of Jesus, we encourage supporters to consider the poor and needy when they celebrate memorable anniversaries ….

Are you celebrating your Birthday, Wedding anniversary or other memorable event ?

Why not consider using the occasion of your celebration to help the Needy by partnering with HOC ?

We share the Good News of salvation in Christ Jesus by providing free gospel materials to anyone who require gospel resources to witness for Christ.


We are happy to connect and partner with you to advance the kingdom of God